Make a booking with us before 28th February for a camp during 2022
and you may be eligible for a Generation Green project grant of £6 per
head for participants aged 7-26 years old.
We will deduct the value of the grant from your final bill.

Units who meet at a venue with a qualifying postcode can receive a
grant for all 7-26 year-old participants (if this applies to your unit you will have received an email with more information and a simple application
form to be sent with your booking request).

For all other units, grants can be claimed for 7-26 year-olds in the following categories
:Young carer
:Looked after child/care leaver
:Black, Asian or minority ethnic
:Disabled or with complex medical needs
:Low household income or receiving benefits

If any of the above apply to more than half of the 7-26 year-olds
participating then the grant can be claimed for all participants in the age group. For more information and the simple application form (numbers
only required, no personal details) contact

Grants are available on a first come, first served basis.
Don’t delay! Don’t miss out!